Previous Months Specials

New Thermal Imager Ti20 from Fluke
New FLUKE Air Quality Diagnostic Tool
New Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meters
ALNOR HM670 & HM680 Hydronic Manometers
BETA multi-functions calibrator
BETA digital pressure test gauges • Model BetaGauge P.I.
Alnor EBT720 Series Electronic Balancing Tools
Dickson data loggers with midsize display and memory card capacity
TWBGT Thermometer or the Globe Thermometer (black ball)
Showcase product - The new generation from KIMO! - The ultimate: the AMI 300/301
RKC Multi-Loop Digital Temperature Controller
Industrial Humidity Temperature Transmitter
Hygroflex by Rotronic
Anémomètre à hélice RVA+ de ALNOR
Hygro-thermomètres numériques ROTRONIC
Série HygroPalm
Thermomètres à rayon infrarouge de poche Raytek MiniTemp
Régulateurs de température SA200
Analyseur de la qualité de l'air ALNOR, série Compuflow
Thermomètres portatifs RAYTEK Raynger (ST Pro et ProPlus)